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Accidents and illness can leave your entire body aching and sore. Each muscle groans as you move, and you can't help but grimace whenever you stand up, sit down, or turn your head. Though pain relievers offer a temporary respite, many of your aches and pains return the next day.

But you don't have to live with the pain forever.

When you stop by the Gerleman Chiropractic Clinic in Milan, IL, our friendly, dedicated chiropractor will help you find relief through personal, gentle care, no matter if you suffer from whiplash or migraines, neck pain or stress.

Multiple Treatments for All Your Aches and Pains

When you feel sick, your doctor in Milan, IL, may recommend multiple methods to promote healing, such as medication, nutrition, and sleep. Together, these techniques offer faster results than any of the solutions on their own.

At Gerleman Chiropractic Clinic, we also believe that combining multiple treatments helps your body heal itself. Consequently, we provide several physical therapy services to our clients, including:
  • Chiropractic therapy
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Ultra-sound therapy
    We also supply multiple products that work in conjunction with our chiropractic services to ensure the best results. With our comprehensive help, you'll soon experience relief from auto accident injuries and chronic neck or back pain.

    Let Our Staff Promote Relaxation and Self-Healing

    Since 1968, Gerleman Chiropractic Clinic has helped residents throughout Milan and Rock Island, IL, find relief from pain and stress. When you come to us, we'll listen attentively to your conditions and your concerns. From there, our chiropractor will recommend a personalized treatment to encourage healing and relax the body.

    If you would like to know more about our services, feel free to call 309-787-4944. As a family-friendly office, we happily serve clients of all ages, and we hope to serve you, too.